You’ve got the shoe, now get the gear! There are a few items that we deem Stride Essentials – items that are key to making your running, walking and fitness program a success!


There are so many choices in running apparel these days, you need an expert to tell you what actually is right for your activity needs and what actually works! We only carry the items we know perform on the run. Our staff is trained to help find your correct fit - the four “F’s” of fitting apply to apparel as well – Function, Fit, Feel and Fashion. And we carry a variety – something for every size, pocket-preference and comfort level. Be sure to out our cold weather What To Wear Guide.


Ditch the cotton! A performance running sock is a game-changer for any athlete. You need moisture-wicking materials, a seamless design and a deep heel cup to ensure a dry, blister-free run! We carry a variety of styles, colors, thicknesses, and heights to fit everyone’s taste.

Key Accessories

From GPS watches, to injury prevention tools, the list of runner’s toys is long. A few of our essentials:


Road ID: Runners should always wear or carry a form of identification. Road ID is our go-to pick for customizable ID wrist bands.


Garmin GPS: Garmin is the gold-standard in GPS technology. West Stride carries a full line of Garmin running watches. It’s the best way to track your runs, know your mileage and work on your pace.


Trigger Point Foam Roller: A runner’s best friend – a foam roller is your way to get deep tissue massage at home! Roll out the knots and recover faster with a regular foam rolling routine.


SPIBelt and FlipBelt: Forget the fanny pack! Carry your phone, gels, keys and more with a bounce-free belt.

As you begin logging more miles, you may want energy gels, hand-held water bottles and Body Glide. That’s why we are here – to help you figure out what items are essential for your needs and activities! Stop in and gear up!

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