It takes a woman to know a woman! Ladies, you need the knowledge of a fellow woman who runs and works out to help address all of your fit needs. West Stride is a woman-owned store and one of our key goals is to support active women. We know that you need more than just a shoe that fits, you need the right apparel fit and the right sports bra fit. And you need fellow active woman to help you get fit!


We Know Women!

Owner Genie Beaver is proud to have a strong female staff. There is always at least one women’s fit expert on duty to help find your perfect fit and address your specific needs. We carry a unique selection of running and workout apparel in brands and cuts that we know work for a women’s body.


We Support ALL the Girls!

A big focus for us is making sure every woman is supported…with the right sports bra! A good sports bra is hands-down the most important piece of running gear for women. We carry one of the largest selections of sports bras in the city – something for every size and shape.

Did you know?

  • • 80% of women wear the wrong bra size
  • • The average life span of a sports bra is 6-12 months – no bra should celebrate a birthday!
  • • 56% of women experience breast pain during their workout
  • • Women should be fit for a bra at least once a year and be re-measured after major weight gain/loss or pregnancy

Why is it so important to have a properly fitted sports bra?

No matter your bust size, great support is essential to prevent sagging breasts and uncomfortable bouncing during exercise. Exercising without a proper sports bra lead to permanent damage to the Cooper’s Ligament that supports breast tissues and maintains breast shape.


Don’t skimp on support!

You can go anywhere to get a spots bra, but beware, not all bras are created equal! A good sports bra needs to be made of synthetic, moisture-wicking fabric, offer a supportive bottom band, and have well-fitting straps. We only carry the brands and models that we know perform well during activity.


What to expect at your fitting?

Don’t be shy! We have helped fit all sizes of women and take pride in helping you find a great fit. We take a customized approach to fitting for a sports bra, taking your measurements, discussing your level of activity and figuring out what type of bra would be best for your body. Best of all - no special appointments needed!

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