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    This is a page for Frozen Feet, a challenge several run specialty stores participate in every winter. The goal is to move outside during the coldest part of the year with us. We challenge you to achieve the full streak, usually 4-6 weeks long. 

    What is the Frozen Feet Challenge?

    Frozen Feet is a challenge to get you outside and active everyday during the winter. Log your miles each day after you complete to stay in the streak. Miss a day? You’re out - no bad weather excuses allowed!

    Why join?

    To stay active this winter with a fun group to hold you accountable! Plus, those who complete the streak earn an exclusive Frozen Feet challenge prize. 

    How do I join?

    Stay tuned for information for the 2025 Frozen Feet challenge!

    3517 Northside Pkwy NW #11
    Atlanta, GA 30327

    Monday - Friday: 10am-6pm
     Saturday: 10am-5pm
    Sunday: 12-5pm

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