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  • Women of the Woods Series


    Women's Trail Series

    Women of the Woods (WOW) is a group of women who meet twice monthly to experience metro Atlanta trails on foot. Atlanta is referred to as the city in the forest for a reason - 47.9% of metro Atlanta is said to be covered by trees in some capacity. We are devoted to creating a community of empowered women that feel safe and well-equipped on the trails that are readily accessible to Atlantans.

    The group rotates between meetups, and will always have designated WOW trail-specialists that will lead a walk and a run. Expect to spend about an hour in the woods walking or running with other women.

    Below is a sign up form if you are interested. To see upcoming events on your browser, please check out our tab titled "Community" and then tap "Events" to see what's coming up next. If you're on the app, just press the calendar button. We hope to see you there!

    Get to know the woods with the safely of fellow women striders!

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